I've turned off the oven . . .

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Happy Anniversary My Dear

One year ago today I was lucky enough to get hitched to an amazing man. Happy anniversary Evan!

And many thanks to the wonderful Betsy of Nine Cakes for this beautiful Golden Almond Cake with Poire William Buttercream.



and the living is not always easy. I have been everywhere but by the oven,
The culmination of personal tragedies and more than a few disappointments, not to mention an earthquake and a hurricane all in one week (thankfully mild in my part of the world), have left me, well, sleepy in brain, body, and heart. Thankfully, I am slowly waking up. Cooler weather is coming as is my favorite time of year: Fall and Winter. I'm looking forward to resuming my love with the oven.

I miss my mixer, Stella. I miss unsalted butter, sugar, and flour. I miss cake.

I do not miss dishes.

Here's a few things that I have been doing to pass the time (with pictures!):


Cake Thursday on Monday: June 20

Vegan Chocolate Cake with Fluffy Vegan Strawberry-Rhubarb Frosting.


Dreamy Cake Video

Check out this lovely video by the husband/wife team, Tiger in a Jar

"There is something beautiful about the baking process. The way flour feels in your hands or the sound of eggs cracking on the edge of a bowl. Baking is a gathering of interesting materials, a mixed medium art piece of sorts, that ends in a cake instead of a canvas."

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